Sander Hintzen at the Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam - Spring 2015

"During my final semester at University College Utrecht I worked at the Kunst (research) department of the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam. Not only did this experience tie in with the final steps of my academic curriculum at university, it very much developed the way I have come to approach the ‘museum’. Part of my internship involved literature research and archival enquiry which contributed to the museum’s third bestandcatalogus: a rather encyclopedic overview of a part of Van Gogh’s oeuvre. Other parts of my task touched upon Van Gogh’s color use, doing research on the material culture of twentieth-century France and using old maps to reconstruct locations of old mills in and around Arles. Engaging in these research activities put to test what I had learned throughout my studies, and added in areas that I had not been able to explore in a classroom environment. That said, the everyday interactions in the museum setting proved to be the most valuable insights: what does it mean to be a museum, how is museum practice shaped by everyday encounters between museum actors, and where does the future of museum practice lie according to the Van Gogh Museum? These questions formed the basis of my research thesis, which in turn gave me great insight with regard to prospective academic and professional opportunities."

HUM Major/SSC Minor, Class of 2015. Starts MA ‘Curating Art. Stockholm University, September 2016