Laurence Herfs at the Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam – summer 2014

Laurence_Herfs_Van_Gogh“In the summer of 2014, I had the opportunity to do a two-month internship at the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam.  There I encountered a team of dedicated researchers, curators and conservators who all devote their time to the preservation and representation of Vincent van Gogh’s heritage. I was primarily asked to help in the ‘TCAP-research project’, a project focused on the use of X-ray information on canvas-weavings to extricate information on dating and sequencing. My task was to set up a protocol of conduct for this project. However, I was also asked to help out with archiving, dating, and conducting archival research for several other ongoing research projects. Much as I wanted to help the Van Gogh team out, they were extremely eager to show me all the facets of the museum, taking me into the restoration atelier and collection depot, into team meetings, allowing me to meet visiting curators from abroad, to attend a national curator-debate, and lecturing me on Van Gogh, his heritage and their collection. This rich behind-the-scenes experience provided excellent insight into the connections between art history, scientific research, museums and heritage.” 

HUM Major, class of 2015