MPhil Social Anthropology, Cambridge: Museum Anthropology track

After finishing my BA at UCU, I started the MPhil in Social Anthropology at the University of Cambridge. Here, I followed the Museum Anthropology track that combines an academic course with weekly practical work at the Cambridge University MAA (Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology, where I did a CHIP internship while studying at UCU). As this programme is specifically designed for students that do not come from a strictly anthropological background, it lends itself well for UCU graduates. Although it is an intense one-year course, the degree allows you to gain more academic background in social anthropology and museum anthropology. Conducting fieldwork is highly promoted and so I combined my essays and thesis with my own fieldwork. For my master thesis, I travelled to Iraqi Kurdistan and looked at how local museums have developed since the “liberation” of Iraq in 2003. I was able to combine issues of representation, ethnicity and reconciliation within an unstable political environment by looking at museum practices and representation. The Cambridge environment provides you with an international and interdisciplinary peer group and educational staff. More importantly, the MPhil allows you to develop both your academic knowledge and practical experience so that in the future, you are able to pursue careers in the academic and professional world.

Lana Askari, (BA UCU, 2011; MPhil Cambridge, 2012)