Liesbeth Dingemans at the British Museum

liesbeth-dingemans-1liesbeth-dingemans-2Liesbeth did a six-week internship at the British Museum in London, in the summer of 2012. She got a chance to experience first-hand what it is like to work as a museum assistant or a curator in an institution like the British Museum. Through a variety of projects, she became familiar with the different collections within the African department of the museum. She worked with textiles from Congo, gold-weights from Ghana, bead-work from South Africa and pictures from Zimbabwe. "When you volunteer in a museum, you learn in so many different ways: you gain knowledge through the stories that the curators share with you, you do your own research into parts of the collection and you learn practical skills by handling objects." The CHIP programme is an excellent way to complement theoretical knowledge from courses with practical experience of working in a museum, as is illustrated by Liesbeth's internship. In Fall 2012, she will be writing her thesis on the Public and the Museum, with a special focus on the British Museum. "I feel as if I am much more of an authority now that I've actually worked in a museum. I will be able to use case studies from my internship in my thesis, so that I can add personal experiences to a theoretical framework." 

(BA/BSc 2012 1/2, Double Major HUM/ SCI). Internship with Dutch Embassy, Canberra, Heritage Section, March - August, 2013.