Boris Cornelissen at Expodium

"In the spring of 2011, I did an internship with Expodium in Utrecht. Expodium is a platform that together with artists intervenes in the city, and stimulates a critical debate about the use of public space. One of Expodium's projects that I participated in was locatie:KANALENEILAND:  their residency in the troubled neighbourhood of Kanaleneiland. Together with artists who stay in the apartment (which I helped to install) for a longer period of time, they address the gentrification theories which inspire the presence of many artists and cultural institutions in the neighbourhood. In the past, gentrification processes have proven to be a useful as a catalyst in the transition period of a neighbourhood, but these processes often emerge from the bottom-up. In Kanaleneiland, however, the relocation of artists to the neighbourhood is part of a government-initiated urban policy, and thus it is important to stimulate the debate about the viability of such a policy. Expodium has taken up the task of researching how this process affects the neighbourhood, and what can be learnt from the current situation."

(Boris Cornelissen (BA 2011, HUM Major/ SSC Minor.) Master in Contemporary Art at Sotheby’s Institute of Art, 2012+. Boris Cornelissen is designer and builder of the CHIP website.)