The CHIP Team

The CHIP team brings a broad range of expertise to the UCU Cultural Heritage Program (CHIP): from the Humanities, the Social Sciences, and Science, in addition to extensive professional networks. Through our research and teaching we prepare UCU students, participating in the CHIP program, to undertake a supervised internship with a host institution. Students not only contribute to the work of heritage institutions, but also gain valuable, first-hand experience; and write an academic paper. CHIP participants can also link their bachelor thesis to our UCU PUUR research project ‘The Compelling Museum’ (working title).

Mary_2016 Mary Bouquet (Coordinator) is trained as a Social Anthropologist, with a PhD. from Cambridge University. She has conducted research on collections, museums and exhibitions, at the Museu Nacional de Etnologia in Lisbon; the Nationaal Natuurhistorisch Museum, Leiden; the Oslo University Ethnographic Museum; and the Tropenmuseum, Amsterdam. Publications include Academic Anthropology and the Museum (2001), Science, Magic and Religion (2005), and Museums: A Visual Anthropology (2012). Click here to send a message

Tijana Zakula is trained as an Art Historian and has a Ph.D from Utrecht University. She is specialized in Dutch seventeenth-century art with a particular emphasis on painting and art theory. She has conducted research into painters born between 1600 and 1625 for the second volume of the Rijksmuseum Collection Catalogue and has published articles on Gerard de Lairesse. Click here to send a message

gertjan Gert Jan Vroege is trained as an experimental and theoretical Physical Chemist, PhD Technical University Delft. He worked at the TNO Plastics Institute and is currently senior lecturer/researcher at University College and the Debye Institute for Nanomaterials Science, Utrecht University. He is co-author of over 65 scientific publications and supervised 7 PhD students. He teaches a wide range of courses – from chemistry, physics and the history of science, to museum studies. Click here to send a message
Hestia Hestia Bavelaar studied Art History at Leiden University, with Minors in Museology and Psychology, and gained her PhD from Utrecht University. She published a monograph on the Japanese-born artist Shinkichi Tagari (1991). Her current research interests lie in the field of modern and contemporary non-western art and the globalization of the artworld. She published 'Western Art History in an age of Globalization: Blind Spots and an Open Mind'(2014). Click here to send a message