Nina Brands at the Legermuseum, Delft

NinaNina Brands’ internship at the Legermuseum, Delft, in Fall 2009, focussed on researching five early nineteenth century uniforms. The aim was to document the uniforms, establish their authenticity, their owners, and to make the information accessible via the museum website. “I could explore a dimension of Napoleonic history and go deeper into theoretical issues from Museum Studies”, says Nina. First she made a throough examination of the uniforms together with museum staff. Since machine-stitching post-dates 1850, its presence on a uniform dated 1820 raises interesting questions about authenticity. Nina consulted libraries and archives to find out more about the uniforms’ origins. “It was a great way of learning about different aspects of historical research – how to find documents and information in archives.” Nina identified one uniform as belonging to a squire who fought in the Ten Days’ War, and later became a chamberlain to Kings William II and III. This discovery was made public to Friends of the Museum at a meeting on the Dutch cavalry at Waterloo. The uniform may be exhibited at the new Legermuseum in Soesterberg.

(HUM Major, class of 2010. MA in Cultural History, UU)