Rosalie Hans & Cecile Post at the Open Air Museum

Rosalie Hans and Cecile Post carried out an internship together at the Netherlands Open Air Museum in Arnhem during the summer of 2007. They were asked to conduct visitor research to see what visitors made of the summer theme at the museum: ‘Free As In Forgone Times! A Short Return to the Sixties.’ Creating a theme to attract visitors was a new marketing idea at the time.

Rosalie-Hans-OAMCecile: ‘We talked to both staff and visitors in the park, as well as observing the interaction between them. It felt a bit awkward at first, but that soon passed. People were really willing to help us and very interested in our findings.” (HUM Major, class of 2008; Master Modern History, Manchester University)

Rosalie: ‘It was a great opportunity to look behind the scenes of a museum and train our research skills. I really enjoyed working together on this project – not only could we gather more information but also we supported each other with advice and ideas. I very much enjoyed doing this internship, which was also very useful to me when applying for a Master programme in Museum Studies”.

(HUM Major/ SSC Minor, class of 2008; Master in Museum Studies, UCL)