Jeroen Claus at the Natural History Museum

Jeroen-Claus-NHM-LondonJeroen Claus did an internship at the Interpretation & Design department of the Natural History Museum (NHM) in London during the Spring of 2009. When Jeroen visited the NHM as part of the HUM 324 Collections course, he realised how well the museum’s equilibrium between Science and Humanities corresponded with his double major at UCU. His work at the museum concerned the development of exhibitions for the new Darwin Centre Phase II, which will open in September 2009. “At the moment I’m working on an Interactive Wall display on Climate Change, which is going to be a ‘wow-factor’ exhibit with great big wall projections, motion tracking of visitors, different multi-touch interface screens and other cool equipment. Apart from that I’m busy with a display on imaging, through which I am trying to explain half a dozen microscopy techniques in one short video. I’m also working on various smaller tasks, like a video about the molecular lab and object acquisition and processing for various displays. This internship is great fun and I can recommend everyone to pop down in September to have a look at the new Darwin Centre Phase II!”

(SCI Major/ HUM Major, class of 2009; Master in Cancer Research at Imperial College, London; PhD candidate).