Charlotte Champion at the Open Air Museum

Charlotte-Champion-NOMCharlotte Champion’s internship at the Netherlands Open Air Museum, Arnhem, involved helping to create an exhibition on Dutch emigrant memorabilia. The internship was spread out over several months during the winter of 2008-2009 and Charlotte was able to participate in a wide range of activities that the museum had to offer. “In order to create the exhibition I first had to find interesting stories of Dutch emigrants and their treasured possessions.” Her initial focus was on tracking down emigrants through websites, newspapers and radio stations. When she had gathered enough stories, she searched the museum’s archives to see whether there were any objects that could be used to represent emigrant memorabilia. The final stage of the internship involved making clear-cut decisions about the presentation of the objects and the stories that would accompany them. “I learnt how to cut down a story of a paragraph, to two sentences and finally to five words! The most memorable experience was being able to handle all the objects and helping to present them in the exhibition for the public.”

(HUM Major, class of 2009. Master Art History, Leiden)