Loes Hoogenboom

loes-hoogenboomLoes Hoogenboom’s internship with the Bureau of Monuments and Archaeology, Amsterdam, involved exploring the unknown interiors of houses in Amsterdam South. The project aimed to inventory the historical interiors still left in this part of the city and to find out more about the owners' history. There were many surprises lying in wait behind the front doors: from fully maintained period rooms, to beautiful stained glass, and even an 80 year old fridge. Since many such features have already been dismantled, these remains are rare. Loes examined both their historical significance and their meaning and incorporation into their owners’ history. The combined approaches of art history and anthropology enabled Loes to produce a fascinating socio-historical picture of the neighbourhood. For example, many of the owners’ maids were of the same religious denomination as the family, demonstrating one of the practices of Dutch stratification, known as pillarisation. “It was the perfect way of putting academically learned knowledge and skills into real practice! One of the houses and its interior may even end up on the list of State Monuments as a result of my research. Awesome!”

(HUM Major/ SSC Minor, class of 2008 – Master in Cultural Economics and Cultural Entrepreneurship, EUR)