Katy Hofstede at NOM

“For a month, in January 2011, I did an internship at Het Nederlands Openluchtmuseum. I was part of the academic staff during my time there and my main task was to firstly document all the information already present about a particular farmhouse in the museum and, secondly, to gather the information that I though was still missing. katy-hofstede-nomIn the process, I learned quite some ‘new’ ways of doing historical research and I was happy to get a glimpse of the kind of 'cultural history' they work with in the NOM. After having finished working on the farmhouse, I got a task related to the yearly theme, being migration. During my work on this little project and the work on the farmhouse I got insight into the workings of the museum, especially because my work was for different departments. I can recommend an internship at the NOM to anyone interested in history or for example visitor experience, not in the least because the staff takes a keen interest in giving interns the possibility to experience what it is like to work for the NOM."

Katy Hofstede (BA 2011, HUM Major, MA International Relations, UU, 2013)