Abigail Prade at Expodium

Abigail Prade undertook an internship at Expodium in Utrecht. Expodium is a platform for young art in Utrecht which takes urban development as a starting point for artistic research and for making interventions in the city. During her internship in Spring 2010, abby-expodiumAbigail established the Expodium Orbits Programme comprising four satellite exhibitions to support the year-long project on shrinking cities. Supported by experts in architecture, sociology, philosophy, and urban planning, Orbits invites artists to think outside the box.The theme of 2010 was new strategies in shrinking cities, with the main focus on malleability revisited rather than on shrinkage itself. Abigail was instrumental in attracting NL Architects, MVDRV, Adrian Kondratowicz (Trash Any Color You Like), and Atelier van Lieshout to Orbits.

(HUM Major, Journalism Minor, class of 2010. MFA Film, New York University, Tisch School of Arts Asia (Singapore))