British Council

The British Council’s business is cultural relations, which brings people from diverse backgrounds together to exchange ideas through arts, education and science. In partnership with businesses, national associations and institutions, professional networks, local communities and government ministries, the British Council seeks to provide a framework and a methodology for engaging with today’s international challenges.

The CHIP programme represents a highly valuable opportunity for UCU students and graduates to build co-operation, develop mutual understanding, and share new perspectives with British cultural organisations.


What CHIP and UCU do is an excellent example of international cultural relations - not only between different nations, but also between different cultures and groups within the same country: the academic culture and the professional culture; the scientific community and artistic community: those engaged in theory and those engaged in practice; the established and the innovative.

CHIP also helps to identify and develop individuals that are to be the next generation of cultural leaders. It creates the links that allow its participants to share knowledge and establish relationships that will encourage inter-cultural understanding, increased professionalism and economic growth for the years to come.

Participants in the CHIP programme have already taken their first steps towards leadership in their chosen field, and the British Council is proud to be associated with this ongoing project.