Victoria Prinz Reuss at the Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna – summer 2015

Victoria_portraitAfter completing her research thesis at UCU in June 2015, Victoria went on to do an internship at the Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna, as part of the CHIP program. Victoria wrote her report on the making of the Joseph Cornell show, and was able extend the time frame beyond the usual five week CHIP placement, to a four month stay at the Museum.

“I was able to acquire many invaluable impressions concerning the workings of different departments in the museum. I was given the chance to work with the head Curator of the modern and contemporary art department. During my first 8 weeks, I was incorporated into the organization of the Joseph Cornell exhibition. I was involved with the multiple organizational facets behind an exhibition, working together with the marketing department, the co-curators, the technicians and architects. Not only was I made responsible for updating the lenders’ list and creating a clear chronology of the works to be displayed, but I was also part of the entire on-site set-up, in which dozens of couriers, technicians and architects worked together to bring to life the most significant temporary exhibition of Vienna in 2015.

“In the final two months of my internship I focused on a research-based project. It was my responsibility to start a lending list of possible paintings that could be requested for an interventional exhibition planned for 2017. The internship therefore allowed me to experience both the interactive and organizational hands-on aspects of a museum as well as its academic background.”

Class of 2015, HUM Major/ SSC Minor